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Hi, My Name Is Christian Hudson...

...and I'm the last guy who ever thought he'd be teaching men how to succeed with women.

For most of my life, I struggled with social anxiety and painful insecurity. I had one girlfriend for a few years in college, and she cheated on me nonstop. Afraid of life without her, I put up with it... until she dumped me like the loser I was.

From that point forward, when I'd see an attractive woman, that little voice in my head would take over... telling me "you're not good enough".

I didn't understand women at all, and on the off chance that one took pity on me and agreed to go on a date, I'd get nervous and sabotage it like a chump.

I tried everything... bought every book... I even went to work for a well-known pickup artist to learn his so-called "secrets."

But all that happened was that I became more awkward, more of a douchebag, and more down on myself.

Then I Discovered A Shocking Romance Novel...

We all know what Romance Novels are...

But have you heard of that book Fifty Shades of Grey? You know, the one that every woman and her mother read? — yeah, it's an entirely different kind of romance novel.

And man, these kind of books are a dark secret that women keep hidden from us. Yet they're the #1 book category on

In fact, more "adult romance novels" are sold to women every year, than pornography is sold to men.

So when I learned all of this, I thought "well, whatever's going on in these books, women are really into it. I should have a look for myself." Wow — there's some dark stuff! Bondage, chains, even nonconsensual acts. I was sucked in, and the more I read, the more I understood about what women really want in a man.

And wow — it's some crazy stuff. I was astonished, and the more I read, the more I understood about what women really want in a man.

Let Me Tell You About The Obsession Story...

Is there a "secret code" that makes a woman fall in love with a man?

As I read hundreds of these adult romance novels, I began to see patterns. Men would do or say a certain type of thing, and it would cause the women to get interested in them... then fantasize about them, and eventually... become totally obsessed.

And it didn't always make sense! For example, the pickup artists told me that I was supposed to be an "alpha male" and never let my guard down.

But in these books, there was always a point when the character became vulnerable, and admitted his flaws to a woman. This was great news for me, because I sure had a lot of flaws... and anyway, who wants to pretend to be someone he's not?

I began to put the "storyline" together — the step-by-step sequence that took a woman from being totally uninterested in a guy (and believe me, they almost always are at the start) to obsessed and ravenous for him.

After months, I had it figured out — I called it the "Obsession Story" in my notebook.

Within A Few Months, I Was Dating A Model...

I was in the worst debt of my life, and as out of shape as I've ever been. But when this girl and I locked eyes at a dinner party, I wasn't afraid.

Sure, I was nervous... I still remember thinking that I'd screwed things up by pushing too hard and being a little too mysterious when she asked me about myself.

But within twenty minutes of us parting ways, she sent me a flirty facebook message. Two weeks later, we kissed for the first time, and three weeks after that, it was pretty much "official."

Since then, I've had three more long-term relationships, and I've been with my current girlfriend (she's the best woman I've ever known!) for over four years now.

I'm sure you understand that I don't want to use people or photos from my private life on this website, but I can tell you this — she's a total knockout, too ;)

Why Do Women Fall So Hard For This?

I always like to say: a woman doesn't fall for games — she falls for a man.

When I read all of these romance novels, I discovered that there were certain character traits that the men shared: they were dominant, mysterious, challenging, sexual, and genuine... in short, nothing like I was!

So yeah, I decoded the step-by-step system to go from meeting, to texting, to dating, to sleeping together, to relationship...

...but more importantly, I discovered how to be the sort of man who woman obsess over.

That's why it always burns me up when I hear someone say "just be yourself." Who I was, well... wasn't good enough for the women I wanted!

I had a burning desire to become a better guy, and have women like me for me.

So while I've got a whole bunch of killer tips, techniques, and tricks to share, they're mere training wheels — examples of these character traits, to teach you how to develop them on your own.

It took me years to perfect all of this, and it sure didn't happen intentionally. But when one of my clients got engaged, he implored me to put everything I taught into a training course that I could share with more guys...

20 men paid $2000 to attend my seminar, where I revealed my step-by-step system, and personally coached them through their sticking points. And that's what I'm here to tell you about today.

Introducing the

Girlfriend Activation System


I've produced an 18-hour, high-definition seminar where I break down the step-by-step system, and show you how to become the guy who women obsess over. Download it from my brain to yours, and I promise you'll see incredible results.


I want you to apply what I teach. So I've created exercises and games that will make it fun to learn the obsession story, and everything else in the course. You'll wire these secrets deep into your neurons in no time flat.


As you may be discovering, I have an overwhelming passion for sharing what I've discovered, and helping men become more confident and better with women. So I'll reward you with additional training programs as you make your way through the Girlfriend Activation System.

Here's How

I'll Make Women Obsess Over You

What Results Can You Expect?

My promise is very simple, to the point of sounding cliché:

If you go through the entire course, and put it to use, you will have a loyal, loving girlfriend in six weeks or less.

And not just that, but you'll feel a profound shift inside yourself. Your confidence, and ability to hold space with a woman will improve dramatically.

Finally, you'll start having a lot more fun with women, and socializing in general. You'll experience much better responses from both women and men (a lot of guys tell me that the principles in the GFAS have helped them tremendously at work)

And the reason I feel comfortable making such claims is because I've sold over 100,000 copies of the Girlfriend Activation System, and received more success stories than I can keep track of.

Here's What

Other Men Like You Have Achieved:

For A Limited Time,

These Five Bonuses:

Bonus #1


Normally $497

This is a subliminal training course that I hired a hypnotist to produce. I was fairly skeptical of hypnosis until I experienced it myself, but once I did, I knew that I had to pass this gift along. It will upgrade your subconscious mind with the inner voice of a man who's been successful with women for his entire life.

Bonus #2


Normally $97

The seminar that teaches how to approach any woman, without risking rejection, and have her opening up to you in about 30 seconds. Using the GFAS, you'll often find women approaching you, but for those times when you see someone you just have to meet, this is how you'll do it.

Bonus #3


Normally $297

In this seminar, I teach a dead-simple conversation formula, to ensure that you'll never run out to things to say, or have those uncomfortable silences or stall-outs with women. Combined with the conversational materials in the GFAS, your conversation skills and charm are going to hit "Bill Clinton" levels.

Bonus #4


Normally $197

When you use the Girlfriend Activation System, you'll awaken a woman's naughty side in ways that might surprise you. So I thought it'd be fun to teach you how to turn women on over text, exchange exciting photos in a smooth way, and so on. I don't sell this as a standalone, but if I did, I'd ask $197 for it (and let's face it, guys would stuff my pockets for these secrets!)

Bonus #5


Normally $147/month

You know by now that I'm all about "becoming a better man." So my research extended beyond literotica, and I began to focus on men who were "tens" with business and life. In this course, I reveal what I learn. It's normally $147 per month, but you'll get to try it for free for 14 days, and if you like it, then you can lock in a discounted rate of $67 per month. This is the best course I've ever made, and I'm really excited to let you take a peek at it.

Access From Any Device

My Private Members Community is built for any screen size, so you can watch the course on your 60" LED TV (woot, big me!), your 5" phone (super little me) or anything in between... and it'll still work beautifully.

Digital Box

Let's say you don't like the way I look, and can't stand watching my videos... well, I've still got you covered. You can download the 300-page eBook and learn that way (if you're a reader), as well as full MP3's of the course (if you're an auditory learner). And I'm including the full powerpoint deck, so if you are watching the videos, you can follow along and take notes in the margins.

Private Forums

There's a reason I call it a Private Members Community. In my forums, you can post your specific questions and situations, and get quick answers and help from me, my coaches, and other guys who are going down the same path. And while I give pretty damn good advice, just wait until the legendary Dr. Sys replies to you... this guy has helped more guys get out of "impossible" situations than coach Pat Riley.


I've sold over 150,000 copies of the Girlfriend Activation System, so there are a lot of men in my community. And I thought, wouldn't it be great to help them find other guys with similar interests and life goals, and take their connections offline, as wingmen, workout partners, or heck... even to find a couch to crash on? That's what you'll be able to do with the Social Connect, and while it's currently in beta, it's free with your purchase of the GFAS.

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I'll Make This A No-Brainer For You

Obviously, I wouldn't be putting my face and name on this if I didn't believe in it. But I know, I know... it's still the Internet, and we're talking about a course called the freaking Girlfriend Activation System, and you're probably wondering... is this legit?

So here's my guarantee: you have 60 days, from the date of your purchase, to evaluate the course. And if you don't get a girlfriend, or don't think it was an amazing use of your hard-earned money, then just email or call, and we'll refund you on the spot.

Now remember — I've promised that if you go through the entire course, and put it to work, you'll have a girlfriend in six weeks or less. So basically, this guarantee gives you all of that time, plus a two-week buffer.

Our Customer Happiness team is located in Austin, TX, and they're working 24/7. And to be honest, we get just as many incredible testimonials about them as we do about the course itself. We have an awesome company culture, and as you'll find if you ever talk to them, they are super easy to work with, and I've tasked them with one goal: make my customers ecstatic.

Here's Why You Need To Act Now

If there's a woman who you've got your eye on, are you going to leave it to "hope" or "chance"? Because there's another really cool option:

Get my step-by-step system which is based on real female psychology, become the man who she'll obsess over, and make her your girlfriend within six weeks or less.

Over 150,000 guys made that choice, and they've had no problem paying $197 for those results (honestly, that's less than what most guys spend on a few dates!)

But as you'll learn if you watch the presentation, I recently agreed to lower the price to $67, in honor of the guy who filmed the course. He just got engaged, and asked me to take on a new "class of 2000" men to personally coach in my members community.

So we put this pretty site together, and here you are reading it! Sign up now before the 2000 copies are sold, and the price goes back up to $197!

Get the Entire Girlfriend Activation System Today

For a single secure payment of only



Get The Complete Girlfriend Activation System

Frequent Questions and Comments

If I order, how is my personal information secured?

Answer: Good question. I remember when I started buying stuff online I had the same concerns, so here's the deal:

We use military-grade encryption to process your order (I'm pretty sure it's illegal not to do so, anyway!)

  • Your credit card number is never stored as "plain text," but rather, it's encrypted by our checkout system. Simply put, we cannot see the full number, nor can we see your 3-digit security code... ever.
  • We don't share, sell, or distribute customer information to anyone, ever. It pisses me off when companies do that to me, so I don't want to do it to our customers.
  • We use strong passwords on our systems, and we have them regularly "stress-tested" by good-guy hackers to look for loopholes.

The way I see it, if you order from me, you're putting your faith in me not to fuck you over. That means a lot to me, so I go to great lengths to protect your information.

Tell me about how your guarantee works.

Answer: It's very simple: if you don't get a girlfriend, or you don't like the course, you can ask for a full refund within 60 days. And of course, I won't take offense to it!

I have a full-time, round-the-clock team of Customer Happiness people, whose job it is to make sure that guys like you are happy with my company. Most of them are based in Austin, TX.

When you call or email, you'll be connected to one of them, and believe me, they are AMAZING at their jobs. Super friendly and caring, and in it for the same reason I am — to help guys like you improve their lives. So you should have no hesitation to reach out to them, whether you want a refund, or if you want to purchase another course, or whatever reason, really.

Bottom line is that I think that the GFAS is worth way more than I charge for it, and I think you'll feel the same way. If you don't, just hit me up within 60 days and we'll get you a refund.

Will this help me get out of the friend zone with a woman?

Answer: There's a whole section dedicated to this specific problem. It's called "resetting impression" because that's what you need to do — reset her impression of you, and how she sees you in her mind.

If you're in the friend zone, then she doesn't see you as someone who she wants to have a sexual relationship with. And she probably knows that you'd like that with her, so she's holding all of the cards.

I'll give you a series of things to do and say that will flip this dynamic around. Step One is to get her to see you as the one who put her in the friend zone. Once you've done that, I'll show you how to playfully tease and bait her into being more sexual.

It's really fun for you and for her. And the good news is that if you're in the friend zone, then she already likes you. A lot of the hard work is done, and chances are you guys would have a great relationship!

So if you're in the friend zone with a woman you really like, you'll probably want to go straight to the "Resetting Impression" section of the course when you buy it.

I'm bald, overweight, broke, short... basically, I'm not what society thinks of as "attractive to women." Will this still work for me?

Answer: You have to understand — all of those "surface-level" things do create attraction and desire, but they don't seal the deal. I've got a male model friend who struggled mightily with women, and trust me, this was one good looking dude.

So if you're not what society says is the "perfect model of a man" that's ok. The things that a woman's mind truly responds to are your personality traits. Can you challenge her? Are you mysterious... a man who keeps her on her toes? Can you show your sexuality in a way that's exciting (and not creepy)? And so on...

These are the things I teach — with countless examples, techniques, and principles.

And this is the reason that so many men have had success with the GFAS: they become men who are attractive to women in a much deeper, "primitive" way that has nothing to do with looks or a bank account, and has everything to do with how they make her feel.

This is manipulative!

Answer: Ok, and makeup and push-up bras aren't?

Think of it this way: every interaction you have with another human will influence their behavior.

So the way I define manipulation is: when you are influencing someone to do something that is not good for them, that they wouldn't otherwise want to do.

The key point here is what your intentions are. Thousands of amazing men — who weren't naturally gifted with women — have bought my course, and become great boyfriends and husbands to women they truly cared for.

This is nonsense. Just be yourself and find a woman who likes you for you.

Answer: That's such a fucking bullshit, cop-out line. What it really means is don't try to improve... just settle for whatever you can get. In my case, who I "was" wasn't good enough for women, and I truly wanted to become better.

And look - "you" are always a work in progress... from your cells to your beliefs to your personality.

Now I do believe that you shouldn't compromise yourself, adopting values that aren't right for you, just to please another person, and I wouldn't ask you to do that.

But what I will show and encourage you to do is to adopt new personality traits and behaviors that women find attractive, on an "evolutionary" level.

Can you personally coach me?

Answer: I can, but I would prefer not to. I charge $1000 an hour, and I have a number of clients who pay this for business coaching. It's easy for them to justify the expense, because our calls generate them a lot more revenue than they pay me.

And by the way, I know that's an outrageous amount, but I chose it because there's a big opportunity cost for me when I'm not working on my own businesses. I truly do enjoy coaching, but I truly wish I could coach more men personally.

So if you're looking for advice in your personal life, wouldn't it be a much better use of your funds to buy my course, get into my members area, and get online feedback from me and from my coaches in the Private Members Community?

And listen — even if you paypal'd me $1000 and insisted on doing coaching, I'd insist that you start by watching the Girlfriend Activation System so that we were on the same page about many of my core concepts.

Do you do tours, seminars, etc.?

Answer: Again, I'd love to, but my current commitment is to my employees and to growing my business. I actually like being a CEO and working with my team, and my belief is that if I create great material and build a great team, that's the best thing I can do for helping as many men as I can.

If you want to go to a seminar, just book a Tony Robbins event... I went one time and loved it, and I promise it'll be a lot crazier and have a lot more dancing than any event I'd run!

I'm ready to buy the Girlfriend Activation System, where can I do that?

Answer: Head over to the checkout page. It's super quick, 100% secure, and you'll be diving into the course in just a few minutes from now!